The Demand for Nursing Home Services in Malaysia Is On the Rise

It is the desire of any resident of Malaysia to retire early. This is against the trend in south East Asia where early retirement is not an option. Most of the people desire to retire before they reach 60 years so that they can take on other opportunities out there before they lose their ability to function optimally. Everyone is looking at the time they will have a chance to spend time with their families without being bothered with work related responsibilities.

Malaysia nursing homes demand What they fear most is that when they grow old, they will not be able to support themselves and the fact that the country has not planned well for the senior Malaysians raises more concerns.

According to the recent survey conducted among those headed to being retired seniors, the results from the respondents who were sampled showed that the respondents dint feel that there  were adequate facilities in place to accommodate the needs of those who will end up in the homes in the next 20 to 30 years. Unfortunately, very few investors are ready to invest their money and construct nursing homes for the elderly.

The results of course are a wake up call to all the entrepreneurs to find a financial planner who can be called upon to provide facilities to make the needs to become a reality.

nursing homes demand in MalaysiaThe Topic of the nursing home care has only been discussed in low tone until recently because it was always considered a disgrace to send ones parents into a nursing home facility. The Malaysian traditions put the responsibility of taking care of the parents in the children?s hands. It is thought that it is a polite way of appreciating the role played by the parents in bringing up the children.

According to the latest research, it is anticipated that in the next 30 years, the population of Malaysia, will be about 38 million people while the population of those aged 65 years will be three times the current population. A data from St. Mary’s Nursing Home in PJ revealed that by 2021 the population of Malaysia will be an aging one.

There is plenty of well run nursing home available in Malaysia; unfortunately, such facilities are unaffordable and unavailable.  The future medical costs and the changing demographics is a matter of concern to all.

This is why it is necessary to place more emphasis upon the husband and the wife having a career that leaves the elderly parents at home with no one to take care of them in the event of accidents and any other incidents that will leave the elderly injured.

This are difficult time , that is why there are many parents who are getting older but have no propensity of properly taking care of themselves. The society has also changed over the years and the long held traditions are also changing.
Happy elders in Malaysia
The economic boom that has been experienced in Malaysia in the past 20 years has brought with it a generation of aged people who are expected to live longer than any other generation in the history of the country. There are increasing concerns on how the elderly will be taken care of in future.

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