Improving my Child’s Performance with Tuition Hero

It is every parent’s hope for their child to do well in school. With the highly competitive schools in Malaysia these days, it is no surprise to have so many competitive students in these educational institutions, as well. It is due to this realization that I decided to get into home tuition for my child. During her first few years at school, I was still unemployed, so I had all the time to look after her lessons after her class. It was our form of bonding, and I could see how it positively affected her grades. However, when I started with my full time job, I felt a bit uncomfortable leaving her with her lessons alone, although I know that my daughter at 10 years old can now study independently. She excels well in her Math and Science classes, but have a bit of a struggle with English.12112241_1510121799308870_9010439210894469358_n

This is when I decided to get her a tutor, but not without her approval. Getting a tutor for your child should be something that she should be comfortable with, and this I made sure. I learned about Tuition Hero while trying to search for the best tutor online. I first liked their format, because the tutorial session can be done from home. This gives parents like us the peace of mind, since we can see what our daughter is doing, including her progress.

How it Works

Tuition Hero Malaysia’s website basically has all the basic information you need. It makes the whole process easier for you. All you have to do is request for a tutor from their site, and the team will get back to you with the best tutor match for your child. In our case, we requested for a language tutor first, to complement my daught15355746_1741467036174344_7680527596478350417_ner’s learning. Before requesting for a tutor, you can also browse the uploaded profiles of Tuition Hero’s best tutors. This way, you get to have an idea on the qualifications of the tutors that they have on their database.

Once a tutor has been selected, they will start with the tutorial session based on my child’s preferred schedule. From time to time, a team from Tuition Hero will directly communicate with us about how the tutor is doing. We truly appreciate this effort from Tuition Hero, and so far our experience with their assigned tutor has been nothing but great!

Overall Impression

One of the best things about getting a tutor in Tuition Hero for me is that my daughter now spends ample time online learning. This is way better than simply leaving her browsing anything on the internet. These days, when she’s online it’s only to interact with her tutor. Her English language skills and confidence has also significantly improved, according to her teacher. We find this really important especially since we plan to put her in an international school in the next two to three years. By then, we hope to have Tuition Hero as our partner in her on going education, as well.11108207_1407817722872612_1905070195599785771_n

Overall, Tuition Hero is one of Malaysia’s most reliable home tutorial services to date. They will even offer their first session for free if you feel that the tutor assigned is not a great match for the student’s need. Luckily for us, it was a match at first chat!

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