Important Things You Should Know About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a type of resin and it has a wide variety of uses. It has some extraordinary properties which makes it useful for surfaces that need to be waterproof and resistant to chemicals and other such things. Epoxy coating is widely used as flooring in residential, business as well as industrial settings. For instance, factory floors are often coated with epoxy to create a safe surface for workers.

Since epoxy is a neutral material, it doesn’t react with most of the things and provides a smooth yet resistant surface that can be used in various situations. An epoxy floor is created by applying a protective resin coat over an existing floor. Epoxy coating is widely used as a protective cover for the concrete floor in the garage but these days, epoxy resin is also used as a coating for other flooring options such as marble.

According to Miracon Malaysia, since epoxy is durable and extremely hard, it is excellent for a variety of flooring applications. It is also impermeable which means an epoxy coating effectively seals a floor and prolongs its life, especially in cases where there is a lot of foot traffic. As mentioned above, epoxy is also dust-proof and waterproof which means a floor sealed with epoxy coating is protected from spills, stains and other such issues.

Epoxy has been in use in industrial setting for many decades, mainly due to its durability and affordability. However, industrial settings do not require the floor to look good and this is the reason, epoxy hasn’t been popular in residential settings. Thanks to the advancement in technology, epoxy coatings are also widely used in residential settings now due to availability of huge number of floor finishes in terms of designs, colors and other such things.

These days, you can find epoxy Malaysia for a variety of domestic settings. For instance, whether you are considering a polished concrete floor, a specialized surface floor or a colored aggregate floor, your contractor is likely to use an epoxy resin to seal the floor. Epoxy floor are also preferred by people who suffer from various respiratory illnesses as it helps in keeping the level of dust down in the home. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and do not attract dirt and dust which means it is one of the most hygienic choices when it comes to flooring options. Since it is hard and lasts a long time, many families also opt for epoxy floor in high traffic areas.

It is widely used in retail spaces such as shopping centers, shops and restaurants due to its affordability, durability and resistance to stains and scratches. It’s capable of handling a huge amount of traffic and it also looks great at all times. Also, cleaning up an epoxy floor is never a struggle as you can just wipe off the floor easily.

The good thing about epoxy floor is that now you do not need to restrict yourself to a transparent floor coating. There are a huge number of options available today in terms of colors, designs and shapes. Experienced epoxy flooring contractors can create dazzling floors with epoxy by mixing a number of colors in the epoxy resin.

Overall, an epoxy floor offers a number of benefits over traditional flooring options. However, it’s important to hire the services of an experienced epoxy installer if you want to avail all the above-mentioned benefits of epoxy floor coating. You need to work with an experienced contractor to ensure there are no bubbles or weak spots in the epoxy floor coating as even a minor weak spot or air bubble can mar the look of an otherwise perfect epoxy floor. So, do your research and find an experienced epoxy floor contractor in order to get a durable and affordable floor.

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